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Multi-Generational Travel – The Family Reunion, Reinvented

As so many households today are a blend of generations, step-families and the like, planning a vacation can seem daunting – if not downright impossible. Between finding a location with activities that can please everyone, to finding a room block (or suite) that can accommodate your group size without breaking the bank, most families may opt to stay home rather than tackle the challenges that multi-generational travel poses. This doesn’t have to be! 

For starters, a good travel agent is your ally in this endeavor. In addition to finding great prices, your travel agent can assist with planning excursions, organizing transportation to and from the airport, and even provides help while you are away. When embarking on any kind of group travel, it is best to have one point of contact for information; this can be especially critical after you have left. There is nothing worse than having questions or hitting snags while on your vacation and not having any way to resolve them – except, maybe, going through it while your teenager and mother-in-law are griping in the background.

When I work with a group, I make sure to get each traveler’s age and general interests, so that as I qualify possible hotels or resorts, I can keep an eye out for those experiences that may make the trip even more exciting. A little early planning goes a long way toward ensuring that each person has a fantastic time.

Taking a family vacation can provide a chance for everyone to recharge and reconnect.  With the right travel agent in your corner, and a good idea of how each person in your group defines fun, your family can have a successful vacation – and you can get the rest and relaxation that you deserve, too!

Happy Travels!

  1. Great post Melissa! I agree that planning a family reunion is a daunting task. Many families simply think that planning one is such a huge task that they just give up, but this is probably because they try to do it all alone. Your suggestion about using a travel agent to help with planning, is great advice.

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