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Planning a STAYcation this year?

We also specialize in day trips and tours! Please contact us for additional information, or for local vacation ideas for your family or group.

Escape the Crowds and Relax in Style

How Much Do Your Services Cost?
In the majority of cases, our services are free. We are paid a commission from hotels, resorts, cruise lines and rental car agencies for booking your travel.

Will I Pay More To Use Your Services As A Result?
Not at all! In fact, you will often save money because we have access to many specials and discounts that are not offered to the general public.

Do I Need To Pay for My Trip Up Front?
In most cases, no. You will often place a deposit on a trip using your credit card. Your card is processed through the hotel or resort directly, or by our host agency, Dugan’s Travels. Airfare is often required to be paid in full at the time of booking.

Am I Less Protected By Booking With a Third-Party Travel Provider?
No. Most payments are made directly to the supplier – the hotel, resort, cruise line or airline that is supplying your travel service. Based on certain promotions and supplier relationships, a portion of your payment may be processed by our host agency, Dugan’s Travels. We are honored to be a part of the Dugan’s Travels family, and are proud members of both the California Seller of Travel program (Registered Seller #2054922-40) and the Travel Consumer Restitution Fund (California Bus. & Prof. Code 17550.7). You can learn more about these programs here.

Additionally, you will notice that all of our price quotes include travel insurance. We highly encourage you purchase this optional policy*, as it will protect you in the event of many types of unforeseen circumstances – and could make all the difference between vacationing with complete confidence or completely by chance. Should you elect not to purchase the quoted insurance policy, we ask that the insurance waiver included with your price quote be signed and returned to us prior to the release of any travel documents.

*Certain restrictions apply. Please refer to the terms & conditions of your particular itinerary for further details.

What Is The Booking Process?
Easy! First, please complete a quote request. Once we receive your basic information, you will be sent a confirmation email. We will then contact you to collect more information, if necessary, after which we will present you with several options based on your preferences. Once you’re ready to book your vacation, you’ll be sent several documents you’ll need to fill out and submit back. We’ll then collect any necessary credit card payments and process them through the supplier. Once your vacation has been paid, we’ll send you your travel documents. Let the fun begin!

Ready to start? Please use our free and easy quote request form.